PICS RENTALS with Sarah Hutchinson CAM, REALTOR®

Meet the Managers: Sarah & Kenny

Sarah and Kenny saw this job in the paper by accident and thought "we have to apply - this is just what we have been waiting for!" Sarah and Kenny met when they were just kids at 15. They have been together for over 15 years and have been married since 7/12/2007. They enjoy working together and problem solving as a team.

Sarah has lived in New Smyrna Beach since she was just 5 years old. Before that she lived on the Outer Banks which at the time was a small sleepy beach town so the beach is ingrained in her blood. Sarah then went to and eventually taught at the local elementary and high schools in New Smyrna Beach and the surrounding area. Most of her teaching career was spent working with Special Need young adults which she loved but sometimes in life you decide you need a career change.

Her parents managed a rental company renting beach, baby, and sports equipment when they first moved to Florida and in 2000 they started managing a condominium in New Smyrna Beach. When Sarah saw what her parents were doing a lightning bolt went off and she thought she and Kenny might really enjoy that type of work and started working weekends and summers for her parents as did Kenny.

Then about 6 years ago she left teaching and started working at a condominium down the street from her parents. She worked her way up the ladder from front desk to Assistant Manager running all reservations, maintenance fee payments, accounting etc. and assisted activities as well as other departments. She wanted more she wanted what her parents had though their own little condo to manage. So, she worked hard got her Community Association Management (CAM) license in 2012 and her Real Estate (REALTOR®) license in 2016 and then joined the National Board/Florida Board and local board of Realtors in January of 2017.

Kenny has lived in the New Smyrna Beach area all his life. He was born right at Bert Fish which is now Florida Hospital in New Smyrna. He had done everything from commercial fishing, to landscaping Walmart’s, to painting, to making and finishing fiber glassing swimming pools, construction, to working at a Sugar Mill at 15, and managing the maintenance/housekeeping side of a Condominium. He like Sarah started helping her parents out at the condo they managed and then when Sarah went to work full time at the condo down the street Kenny was not far behind her. He worked as a laundry attendant then housekeeping manager and before he knew it he was the housekeeping manager/maintenance tech then he became the Maintenance/Housekeeping Manager and oversaw everything but the office work which Sarah handled.

Sarah said "Kenny, let’s take the jump and do what we have been wanting and waiting for”. So, they jumped over the inlet and ended up at Ponce Inlet Club South!

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