Web Guy

In 2013 we stopped at Ponce Inlet Club South during one of our Road Trips and I had the pleasure of meeting the manager, Cokey Blackwell.

It was apparent that the website had not been updated in many years.

To save Cokey valuable time in answering prospective rental inquiries we updated the website with "photos" of all units' interiors and itemized "key features" such as ceiling fans, size of TV's, etc.    Monthly "rates" was also added, avoiding further questions.

Together with the new manager, Sarah Hutchinson, we added "Availability" of the rental units in 2017. This allowed both prospective renters and owners to review their unit's activity, avoiding yet more inquiries.

In 2017 I gave Sarah the ability to change the units' "rates" without my getting involved.

In 2018 we have been going really nuts... "Owner Statements, Rental Contracts, Security Deposit Statements, Security Deposits in Escrow, Year End Reporting for Owners/Cleaners/Town of Ponce Inlet/PICS Rentals/Agent&Broker "...

2020 brought a new management team... and the COVID virus! We are in a holding pattern with any new initatives until things settle down.

My intent is to give as much functionality as possible to this "older" website. It may not have a really modern look, nor scale well with phones, but it works well :-)

I am pleased to offer my expertise to Ponce Inlet Club... looking forward to our yearly visits!


• dave@the-jacksons.ca